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What's inside?

5 Awesome Career Page Examples to Draw Inspiration From

How to Build a Career Page

What's inside?

The career page on your website is your company’s window to the world.

It’s also a store window your potential employees will check out.

Is it going to be attractive and shiny? Or is it going to be boring, driving people away? The choice is yours.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at 5 career page examples from brands that absolutely rocked it. Read on for best practices and ideas you can use for your own company career page, no matter if you’re a startup, enterprise, remote company, or in-office enthusiast.

Do You Need a Career Page?

You do.

For example, it’s highly likely that people will head to your career page after they’ve seen your job ad. Based on what they see, they’ll decide whether or not to apply.

But your goal should be to rock the page so that they’re regularly visiting by themselves, eagerly awaiting new job ads you post. 😉

Plus, a career page gives you tons of options to display your company in its full glory and promote your employer branding activities. After all, it’s on your website so you have complete freedom to get creative.

The best elements to include on a career page

Depending on what you want to achieve, there are a lot of options.

Best practices are to include a short paragraph about your company, your Employer Value Proposition (EVP), your values, authentic photos of your team, open positions, and what your hiring process looks like.

Some brands go the extra mile and feature interactive elements, chatbots, gamification, and similar.

But the most important element is not an element at all. It’s your strategy. Will you keep it short and focus on job ads only? Will you build your reputation and talk about your culture? Do you want to be transparent and reveal your internal organization and hiring processes? Are you looking to position yourself as an authority or do you want to be a cool, laid-back place to work? All of this will shape your approach and dictate what elements to use.

Let’s see what it looks like in practice.

1. Lemlist

Lemlist is a cold outreach and email automation software. Sound boring? Think again.

A single look at their career page debunks the myth that all B2B stuff is formal and stiff.

Lemlist - Career Page Headline


It all begins with the copy. Throughout the page, the copy is down-to-earth, warm, and engaging. It’s justified the claim in the heading: B2B indeed doesn’t have to stand for Boring-to-Boring.

Unlike many B2B brands, Lemlist doesn’t use broad, fancy words that don’t tell you what their software actually does. With them, everything is super clear and simple: proof this crew knows what it’s doing.


The element we love the most is the video list with the key players in the company. It gives people the chance to see and hear actual people behind the brand. This can somewhat lower the barrier — applicants will feel more comfortable during their interviews and figure out if they’re a culture fit.

It’s a fairly quick and simple initiative (a few minutes of recording a video + posting it on YT), yet it speaks volumes. A bit of creativity goes a long way.

What to steal from Lemlist?

The approach to work and how they channel it through copy.

This is a young company and its fresh energy is noticeable. It reduces the distance between itself and the public by not taking itself too seriously and having fun while working. It also encourages its people to “just dare”, giving them full ownership of their initiatives. It’s a great choice for people who’re looking to sharpen their skills in a dynamic startup surrounding.

Let’s check this out in a concrete example.

Lemlist Career Page - Job Ad

In this job ad, we see clear leadership requirements and transparent plans for the future (we’re talking concrete $$$, publicly). And while this might scare and drive some candidates away, it’ll attract those who believe in themselves and strive to “just dare”, as Lemlist’s mantra says. That’s how you attract the right people.

And if you check out Lemlist’s LinkedIn page, you’ll see trending content by a bunch of its employees. They created a lively group of young people who share their knowledge and experience, thereby building their personal brands and the company’s reputation.

So, if your career page is:

  • Clear about what you’re looking for in an employee
  • Clear about what you offer in return
  • Transparent about your plans, aspirations, and company organization
  • Friendly, engaging, personable

You will:

  • Attract and retain the right people
  • Grow your reputation and employer brand
  • Grow your business

It’s simple. But is it easy?

Lemlist B2B Meme

2. Kontist

Kontist is a tax app providing tax work, banking, and bookkeeping services to freelancers.

One thing about them: they know how to spot momentum and turn it around to their advantage.

The nature of work is changing. An increasing number of people see more meaning in freelance work — it allows them to shape their lives in a way that’s most convenient to them. After all, freelancing and remote work are the future. And Kontist knows it. They spotted the area to operate within and adjusted all their communication to reflect their mission.

Kontist Career Page Headline


The copy plays on readers’ sense of power and accomplishment.

Kontist invites people to join them and partake in shaping the future — perfect for people looking to make a change through their work. Making an impact while helping others make an impact? Sounds great.

Why Berlin?

Although Kontist provides tax work for freelancers, their own employees are not freelancers. They work from the Berlin office and assist new hires with relocation.

Why is this so special?

Because the choice of location is intentional. Kontist chose Berlin for its headquarters because it’s brimming with its target audience. The city is unrestrained by tradition or old money and the residents are shaping their culture and lives — much what Kontist employees do and what they help freelancers with. We love the intentionality!

Kontist Berlin

What to steal from Kontist?

Deep understanding of the target audience and organizing the company and its communications (even its location) according to it.

Kontist is both looking for and working with out-of-the-box thinkers and influencers. It’s only natural that their communications will reflect that.

When you have your ideal client narrowed down, everything will get easier. It’ll dictate what kind of employees you’ll look for, how you’ll shape the company culture, operations, management, organization, and so much more. Simply put, your career page will write itself and you’ll become a reputable name.

Get inspired by Kontist and:

  • Write a headline that pokes at an ideal employee’s values and aspirations

Kontist - Headline

  • Back up your reputation with numbers

Kontist in Numbers

  • Spice it up with a real-life video of your office and people

Kontist Video

You’ll attract the right people and become a reputable brand. Below is Kontist’s Glassdoor score.

Kontist Score

3. Toggl

Toggl is a platform providing productivity tools (time tracking and project management).

Their secret weapon? They’ve been remote since 2014 — the culture based on trust and respect has helped them establish their reputation as one of the top remote companies to work for.

Toggl Career Page Headline


Toggl does a nice job of conveying their culture and values through a fun, down-to-earth tone of voice.

Being a remote company, it places a special emphasis on communication and building relationships, which results in constant improvement and strong teamwork. The best part of working remotely is that it helps them hire top talent regardless of their location and this multicultural environment is something that can attract top candidates right off the bat.

The culture of trust we mentioned earlier is reflected in transparency too. Of all the pages we dissected in this article, Toggl provides the most transparency and details around their hiring process.


Toggl Employee Benefits

The list of benefits they provide to their employees is enviable. And the fact that it’s publicly available sets the bar for competitors really high. Generally, all the benefits revolve around remote work and what’s needed for it.

However, you can learn from this even if your company is not remote. Free lunch and ping-pong tables just won’t do it anymore. Focus on what’s meaningful and flaunt it on your career page.

For starters, it might be a good idea to post the pay range for each job vacancy you open. Health insurance and parental leave are also great. Flexibility in terms of working hours is awesome.

Employee benefits improve your people’s quality of life.

Will ping-pong tables make them go “wow”?

What to steal from Toggl?

If you can, their list of benefits. Study the list and consider what makes the most sense for your remote company.

On a more concrete side: steal their FAQs section.

Toggl Career Page FAQs

Recruiting can be a long process which is different for each company. And a lot of times, you simply won’t have the capacity to include all the information directly on the career page.

That’s where FAQs come in. Use this space to inform the public and potential candidates about all the relevant details. How you measure the points on the skills tests, how many times they can take a test, how many people they will speak to, internships, a day in the life of an employee — combine all the questions you often get but also think ahead and anticipate what will be useful for them to know.

Not only will it help candidates prepare properly, but it will also attract the right people who fit your culture.

PS: Toggl gets bonus points for including relevant blog posts at the bottom of their career page (What Can You Expect from Working at Toggl?, A Day in the Life of a Toggl Frontend Developer, etc.). This level of transparency is admirable! If you can do something like this, by all means, do.

4. Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a booming marketing automation platform focusing on email and SMS.

Their forte? They’re super customer-centric. They’re a team of supportive people who are all about growth — the growth of their clients and the growth of their employees. They make things happen and help people “own their destiny”.

Klaviyo Career Page Headline


The copy on Klaviyo’s career page is straightforward and informs us of their primary goal: putting the customers first and helping them achieve their dreams. It’s easy to understand what kind of employees they hire.

What we love is the section displaying their awards as a great place to work. Displaying the badges by huge names such as Forbes and Glassdoor adds credibility and speaks volumes — the copy doesn’t have to do much here.

Klaviyo Awards

Early Careers section

Klaviyo offers full-time role opportunities to graduates who are interested in developing their coding, copywriting, and product design skills. But it also has paid summer internships and co-ops for students who want hands-on experience.

If your company provides similar things, make sure to highlight it on your career page. It’s difficult for people without any experience to find a new job — if your company is giving them chances and helping them grow, that’s definitely something to be proud of.

What to steal from Klaviyo?

The ability to build the entire career page around your company’s most important value. In Klaviyo’s case, it’s being customer-centric, but you can brainstorm and find new ideas for your own values and page.

For example, if your company’s key value is continuous learning, make sure to talk about all the workshops and seminars your employees attend; how they help them improve your products/services; include photos, case studies, interviews, and similar.

Another important thing: Klaviyo created a LinkedIn Life page. If you have the means, incorporate this page on your company account because it does wonders for showcasing your values and attracting candidates.

Klaviyo Life LinkedIn Section

The Life page is similar to a career page, except that it’s on LinkedIn. It’s the perfect place to store all the relevant details regarding your company. We find the Employee Perspectives section particularly interesting. There, people can read useful articles written by experts from your company — the perfect opportunity to learn something new AND get to know the people.

Klaviyo Perspectives

5. Spotify

Let’s talk about cohesive branding!

Spotify’s career page looks just like their app. The design, the imagery, colors, the vibe – everything is instantly recognizable and evocative.

Spotify Career Page Headline


The copy on the page is fun and full of plays on words.

Being all about streaming music, Spotify incorporates music and band allusions: “join the band”, “one band — no solo artists”, “we have parts to play”, and similar.

What caught our eye is that they put a different spin on their mission, vision, and values: they consolidated them in their band manifesto. This official, public declaration of what they’re all about strengthens their brand and a sense of community — reading it, potential candidates are engaged and instantly drawn to the brand.

What to steal from Spotify?

We love everything about this page, from the design and copy to informative sections and animation. In that sense, having a career page that closely resembles your app is a great thing.

But there’s a detail we haven’t noticed on other career pages: a chatbot — or, as they call it, Billie, your personal job assistant at Spotify.

It’s like a search bar, plus a little more. It allows those interested in working at Spotify to come and ask questions about the roles, culture, team, business, and more. We tested it out — the chatbot is not always 100% specific, but it’s still a great way to spark some interactivity on the page and spice up the vibe.

If you have the means, such an elaborate career page is a great option. But you can still do great things even if you’re on a budget. Try tools such as Welcome to the Jungle, Tilda, Wix, and other drag-n-drop editors. They will help you create customizable blocks and save time + money.

Bottom Line

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to career pages. In order to create one, you have to think about what sets you apart from the others, what are your company’s main values, what’s your target audience, who’s your ideal employee, and so much more.

In order to diversify the examples, we’ve chosen career pages by remote and in-office companies, both startups and enterprises. All of them bring something unique to the table.

We hope they’ll help you create the perfect career page to boost your employer branding and attract top talent.